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          Blake DeBock is an accomplished photographer and explorer. Traveling throughout the year, DeBock works to capture stories of Earths wildest and most inspiring places as he discovers them for himself. From a young age his father introduced him to the mountains in the Sierra Nevada. Instantly he was hooked and trips to the mountains became as frequent as a dozen times a year. For five years he shadowed under surf photographer Aaron Chang learning from one of the most successful in the industry. At age 20 had the urge to step far outside of his comfort zone and travel to a place he knew nothing about. His first trip abroad brought him to Chilean Patagonia where he spent many months hiking in the mountains and observing the wildlife, all on a shoestring budget. By the time he actually left Patagonia, he was back within a year for his next expedition. Now at 23, DeBock travels the world working on his next projects. Traveling in such remote places of the Earth, he found himself face to face with issues like the loss of wild places and plastic pollution. DeBock quickly recognized that his photographs could reach people around the world as a vehicle for conservation. 

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