About - Blake Debock Photography


My passion is to capture photographs of special moments and places along my adventures that convey both an emotion and mood to the viewer. I was fortunate enough to learn very early in life about outdoor survival, mountaineering, and backpacking from my father. Every chance we had we took trips to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for multi-day backpacking journeys. This sparked an obsession for adventure and once I developed my passion for photography; They went hand in hand. Learning with a point and shoot camera, I mostly shot surfing and ocean landscapes. My greatest inspiration for the photos I was taking was the work of Aaron Chang; a local photographer who had made quite the impact in the surf world before I was even alive. A few years later I managed to land the dream job of being his assistant.  I would credit much of my knowledge and skill in photography to what I've learned watching and working for him. In my free time, my favorite things to do are to go surfing, diving, rock climbing, and of course backpacking. My favorite place in the backcountry is Ansel Adams wilderness and I always bring my dog, Rufus, who is the best companion I could possibly ask for on the trail. 

Booking Info

If you are interested in hiring me for a project or photoshoot please contact me at blakedebock@gmail.com with your name, phone number, and a brief description of the project.

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